John's Services
John provides strength and conditioning services at Continuum Fitness and Movement Performance. To find out more please visit

Periodized Performance Programs
For athletes looking for strength and conditioning coaching throughout their training year, periodized performance programs are available.

Developed with pre-season, in-season or post-season performance goals and objectives in mind-packages can be developed for athletes in any sport. This customized, periodized approach to strength and conditioning ensures a consistent and targeted approach to training which inevitably leads to positive results.

Periodized Performance Programs include:
  • evaluation, initial program and one coaching session to demonstrate each exercise;
  • three additional program phases (approx 4 weeks) including one update with demonstration and reference CD ROM, plus one individual coaching session per phase
  • additional coaching sessions are available for athletes seeking increased coaching.

  • Customized Functional Fitness Package
    Includes two one-hour sessions and a customized exercise program.

    The initial session will begin with a sit down consultation, during which information is gathered with respect to injury, exercise history, goals, availability, etc. Following the consultation an evaluation consisting of testing for strength and flexibility, and movement/stability screening will be performed.

    A customized strength and conditioning program will be developed based on the consultation and evaluation results. The second meeting is a one-hour coaching session to go through appropriate technique for each of the strength and flexibility exercises.

    One-on-one Coaching Sessions
    One-hour coaching sessions are available to individuals who have an existing program and wish to have another run through of their exercises. Individuals will benefit from the guidance and coaching, ensuring that all exercises are being performed with the correct technique. Additionally, minor program modifications and progressions may be made during this time.

    Team Training Sessions
    Strength and conditioning sessions for teams can be provided at your field or facility. Please contact for details.

    Workshops and Presentations
    A variety of fitness and health related workshops are offered throughout the year. These events may also be organized and provided at your location for special events or workplace functions. Please contact for details.